A session custom tailored for acute and ongoing conditions. Therapist will use a combination of general Swedish, stretching, trigger point, and myofascial techniques. Promotes relaxation, and pain & tension relief.

Deep Tissue

Therapist uses moderate to deep pressure to break up adhesions in muscle tissue and fascia. Beneficial for old injuries or chronic pain.


Massage preformed in a comfortable forward-facing chair utilizing the same face cradle as a table. Booked in 30-minute increments this type of session is great for targeting the neck, shoulders and back. Good for those not comfortable on a table or those wanting a refreshing experience before going back to work!


Massage specifically for the pregnant body during any trimester. Clients further along will use side lying posture on the table with comfortable and secure draping when lying face down is not an option. Great for addressing hip and lower back discomfort.


Treatment designed with athletic performance in mind. Weightlifters, tri-athletes, golfers and other fitness enthusiasts benefit from techniques applied to reduce injury as well as improve recovery time.